[PES15] PTE Patch 2.0 - RELEASED 01/12/2014

-Full Bundesliga - Kits (with correct configs), lineups, squads, stats, back numbers, managers, home ground... (the faces are not all correct yet)
-Updated kits for Premier League - Templates, configs
-Added new kits: Burnley, Leicester, Hull City, Crystal Palace, Everton and Belgium
-Full kits for National Teams (with correct configs)
-Full kits for SkyBet Championship (I will update all this kits in the next versions)
-Referee kits for Premier League, Liga BBVA, Serie A, Ligue 1, Eredivisie, Bundesliga - available via switch
-Pesmonkey Pitch and Weather Mod - Available via switch
-Commentator names for all Premier League, Championship and Bundesliga teams
-Real managers, with images, for Premier League, Championship, Liga BBVA and Liga Adelante
-Real adboards for all Premier League teams (except Burnley, Leicester and QPR), Milan, Inter, Juventos, Napoles, Bundesliga, Dortmund, Bayern, Leverkusen, Schalke 04, Liga BBVA, Barcelona, Real Madrid and global adboards.
-Real player names for the National Teams

[PES15] PTE Patch 1.0 - RELEASED 17/11/2014

-Full logos and names for Premier League, Primeira Liga Portuguesa, Championship and Serie B
-Full kits for Premier League, Primeira Liga Portuguesa and European National Teams  
-Full names and emblens for the national competitions
-Full emblens for the international competitions
-Real Federations logos for all National Teams 

[PES14] Yacine Brahimi by DzGeNiO

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